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together with 6 other artists I worked on a project for Achmea called 'anders kijken'. we've been working with the subjects 'sustainability' and 'climate change'. It's all about making people aware of their guilty pleasures at the expense of the climate. 

I've worked on multiple series within this project. the first series is called 'Doelloos Licht' (Purposeless Light). I noticed in my student flat that the lights are on in every hallway, even when there's nobody home.

our second guilty pleasure was single use plastic called 'Wegwerpmess'. 

we use a lot of paper everyday.  in 'Tree To Zero' we address the sometimes useless use of paper and how it results in deforestation.  

we could say the same about our use of water. I think this is a guilty pleasure no one can deny. 'Over Water' ('About Water') addresses these guilty pleasures and the consequences.

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