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will i dissolve in the sea


My project ‘Will I Dissolve in the Sea’ is based on my own path within Hinduism. The goal of a Hindu is to experience the ultimate reality, as described in Hindu literature. The reality we observe is only one layer of reality, it’s only the surface. This reality focuses on separateness between individuals and objects. This separateness in the reality we observe is seen as an illusion within Hinduism. What we observe is not the truth. Everything within our universe originated from the Supreme Being called Brahman. He is present in everyone and everything. There is oneness in the universe. It simply consists out of energies that are constantly reacting and evolving. We cannot observe the ultimate reality, we can only experience it.

To experience this, One has to train in the form of meditation. It’s a path of learning and knowledge. I visualize my search for the ultimate reality by capturing my own meditative acts or by applying them in my images. I use everyday objects that I find in my direct environment. At the same time I use symbolism in my images that refer to Hinduism. This way, I create a bridge between my beliefs and my Dutch origin. 

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