Who are you as an individual and what is your position in the universe? I use natural sciences and Hinduism to find answers to these essential questions. I am fascinated by the human body and I focus on the senses. The underlying theme in my work is identity. I look at the medium photography as a tool to critically look at the way we individually perceive the world around us and what the influence is of our observations on our own idea of reality. For this purpose, I use abstraction.

An experience often underlies the final work. For example, this resulted in a series of portraits of people with different eye disorders so the viewer can experience these disorders. An other of my projects is based on my search to experience the ultimate reality according to Hindu literature. The Hindu philosophy sees the universe as an oneness, the separateness that we observe in our everyday reality is an illusion. In both projects I question what the reality really is. 

based in Amsterdam.



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